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Ringlock Scaffolding/Layher scaffolding

Ringlock scaffod is the scaffolding system,It's made up of many components:vetical pipe,horizontal pipe,diagonal brace pipe,bracket,beam ledger,lattice girder,walkboard,jack base and  U head etc.It can be used for building protection,formwork support and building face decoration.
1.Quickly erection,just need a hammer to erection,save labour cost.
2.Convenient transportation and storage.


Ringlock is a new scaffolding, is the bowl button scaffolding after the upgrading of products. Also known as: chrysanthemum disc scaffolding systemplug scaffolding systemwheel scaffolding systembuckle plate scaffolding, layher frame, (layher scaffoldingLayher frame, because the basic principle of the scaffolding by the German LAYHER ) The invention of the company, also known as the "Layher frame." Mainly used for large-scale concert light frame, background frame.) This scaffolding socket for the diameter of 133mm, 10mm thick disc, the disc opened 8 Hole, the use of φ48 * 3.5mm, Q345B steel pipe as the main component, the pole is a certain length of the steel pipe every 0.50m welded on a disc, with this novel, beautiful disc connection bar, the bottom with a connection The The cross bar is made of a plug with a bolt at both ends of the pipe.



1). Multi-function

2). Low structure

3). The product has a high degree of economy, the use of more convenient and faster

4). Carrying capacity

5). Safe and reliable

6). Comprehensive benefits are good

7). Install the bar connector only at the chrysanthemum disk position, and then manually insert the plug into the chrysanthemum disk hole and pierce the bottom of the joint, and then hit the top of the plug with a hand hammer, so that the cross bar on the circular surface And close together with the pole.

Vertical Pipe(standard) :Ø48.3*3.2mm Q345 hot dip galvanized or painted

Code Size(mm) Weight(kg)


TY-RV050 500 3.06
TY-RV100 1000 5.56
TY-RV150 1500 8.05
TY-RV200 2000 10.55
TY-RV250 2500 13.04
TY-RV300 3000 15.54

Horizontal Pipe(ledger) :Ø48.3*3.2mm Q235 hot dip galvanized or painted

Code Size(mm) Weight(kg)


TY-RH073 730 3.68
TY-RH104 1040 4.48
TY-RH109 1090 5.08
TY-RH140 1400 6.28
TY-RH157 1570 6.94
TY-RH207 2070 8.88
TY-RH257 257 10.83
TY-RH307 307 12.77
Diagonal brace:Ø48.3*2.5mm Q235 hot dip galvanized or painted
Code Size L×H(mm) Weight(kg)


TY-RDB2120 730×2000 8.29
TY-RDB2230 1040×2000 8.6
TY-RDB2250 1090×2000 8.67
TY-RDB2400 1400×2000 9.15
TY-RDB2490 1570×2000 9.4
TY-RDB2810 2070×2000 10.37
TY-RDB3180 2570×2000 11.5
TY-RDB3580 3070×2000 12.72

Walkboard: width=230mm Q195/Q235 hot dip galvanized or pre-galvanized




Beam ledger:



Lattice girder:


Ringlock scaffolding accessories:


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